We combine knowledge of project management, finance and craftmanship to assist you when establishing a new store

Whether you need a full construction contractor, with coordination and project management of all tasks from A to the finished store, or need skilled craftsmen for installation of interior, we help you with better conditions for reaching the finale line.

– in meeting the market's future needs ...

Since the start in 2001, we have now established ourselves as successful turnkey  contractors within store establishment.
In a market where efficiency, performance requirements and deadlines characterize everyday life, we have handed over  400 shops Norway around.

Our experience with smaller and larger projects enables us to meet complex challenges, as well as to focus on the most appropriate solutions, with the goal that the end product will be the best possible – at the best price.

Turnkey means a full construction contract with coordination and project management of all tasks, from A to finished store.

– efficiency, performance requirements and deadlines ...

We work according to a philosophy that is to identify and eliminate all factors in a production process that do not create value for the customer.

The philosophy is to create a work culture that evens out workloads, standardizes work and reduces waste.

As a leading player in the industry with a focus on quality and comprehensiveness, we are involved in the entire establishment process together with our customers.

From inspection of premises, budgeting, design, drawings, coordination with partners and handover of the finished store.
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Butikkbilde av Bellas Hus

– long and close cooperation ...

Behind competitive prices and first-class solutions, there are always some skilled employees and partners. With so many projects carried out around the country, we have established a large portfolio of skilled subcontractors.

Which in turn means that we have competent partners around Norway to perform service assignments for our customers.

Furthermore, we have developed a good cooperation with both management and operations at all the shopping centers around the country where we have contributed with establishments.

– the way forward ...

We are a close-knit group with great expertise in project management, finance and crafts, who take responsibility from start to finish of projects, and deliver turnkey takeovers.

Our focus on quality, economy and rational operations has given us the highest creditworthiness possible to achieve in Norway.

And the fact that we have been repeatedly named Gazelle company motivates us to build on what we have started. We will continue to develop together with our customers and continue to be the serious player in the industry in which we are known.
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